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Virtual Guided Tour
A Virtual Guided Tour of Louvre Museum | Watch Live streaming

A Virtual Guided Tour of Louvre Museum | Watch Live streaming

Discover the history and explore the works of art in the most famous museum in the world! #virtualtourlive Tonight, we travel to Paris France and explore the history and art of perhaps the most famous museums of the world.


Did you know that the Louvre actually began as a fortified castle dating from the early middle ages? This great institution-considered the most visited museum in the world- has been closely tied to French royalty since it served as a castle dating from 1190. When Louis XIV moved his court to Versailles just before 1700, the idea of a public museum in the old palace was born. Join us as we look at the building, the monarchs involved with its development, the controversies, and, of course, the creation of the current collection.


After learning of the history, we will explore the Louvre and experience the paintings and sculptures within its walls. We will learn the history and interpretations of multiple works of art (some famous, some not as well known). Speaking of famous, we will conclude with a discussion of the Mona Lisa – including its own history, analysis, and value to the world!

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